September 30, 2023

Proposal in Canada – Trimax spoils the season finale

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Isolation and the struggle for survival makes you realize what really matters in life. After 7 vs. Wild, Drymax proposes to his girlfriend.

VANCOUVER ISLAND, Canada – We won’t know what really happened at 7 vs. the Wild until it airs. However, Trimax is already spoiling a big event that can only be seen in the last few episodes of the YouTube show. The streamer proposed to his girlfriend after her fight for survival – and carved her a ring.

title 7 vs. wild teams
Production Fritz Meineke
As a participant 14
Type Survival Challenge, Bushcraft, Wilderness
form YouTube web series

Trimax gets married – approves girlfriend’s proposal after 7vs Wild

What happened? All of the 7 vs. Wild contestants do well, and the first films show how isolated and unforgiving nature they are. In this extreme situation, Trimax “Lots of time to think” and announcing the end of his debate on Instagram.

You certainly had a lot of time to think about it, and that was clear to me when I was there. I have been with my girlfriend for over 8 years now and I came back and proposed to her right away.

His girlfriend’s response:She said yes and I was incredibly happy‘ the streamer shared with his fans, while not being able to stop smiling. In the last few episodes of the show, we’ll probably see the streamer’s reaction when it’s real.”Immediately‘ Should have applied.

7 vs. Wild: Trymacs spoils the season finale – the fight for survival culminates in a wedding plan © Instagram: Trymacs/7 vs. Wild/Imago (Montage)

When will Drymax get married? Trimax has not given an exact date or time yet. For the streamer, the combination of 7 vs. Wild and the proposal is one more “Surreal“, but it’s clear how happy the 29-year-old is.

What friends and fans are saying: Trimax and Selena showered congratulations on Instagram. Many fellow streamers want the newly engaged to be better. Fans are especially fond of the wooden engagement ring that Trimox carved himself during his time on Vancouver Island.

Trimax Proposal 7 vs. Wild – How long has his girlfriend been in Canada?

Speculation: The announcement of the application once again gives new content to survival speculators on Reddit. “He must have lasted at least ten days, as his companions arrived only a few days agoA fan commented on the 7 vs. Wild subreddit. Earlier, there were rumors of Drymax and Rumatra’s early departures based on the activity of streamers’ Clash of Clans accounts.

7 Trimax makes it clear that he won’t be answering questions about Season 3 and Wilde. This means that the application regarding the visit of his beloved is nothing more than speculation. However, the streamer’s choice of words makes it clear that his girlfriend must have been in Canada.