June 23, 2024

Prince Philip: This is how the world mourns the king

Prince Philip: This is how the world mourns the king

Prinze Philip
So the world mourns the king

Several personalities express their condolences following the death of Prince Philip.

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Prince Philip died at the age of 99. World politicians, nobles and celebrities express their grief and sympathy.

Prince Philip (1921-2021) passed away, as the British royal family announced, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband (94 years) passed away on the morning of April 9. Many celebrities, politicians, and nobles around the world have spoken to bid farewell to Prince Philip. Selection.

Charm, spirit, and sense of duty

Boris Johnson (56) Said the Prime Minister of the United KingdomThat Philip, among other things, “has shaped and inspired the lives of countless young people”. In tens of thousands of events “raised their hopes and encouraged them in their endeavors.” He would forever be remembered for his “unwavering support” for the queen – as husband and husband of a prince.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (49) said, among other things, that Philip was a man driven by a “sense of duty to others.” In doing so, he has not only contributed a lot to the social fabric of Canada, but also to the world. He will be remembered as a philanthropist and “constant in the life of our Queen.”

Former US President George W. Bush (74 years) announced his grief and his wife Laura (74 years) over the news of Prince Phillips’ death. The deceased had “represented the United Kingdom with dignity”. He and his wife could have been lucky enough to learn about his “charm and soul” and “know how much we will miss him.”

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (65) also expressed his condolences. He heard “with great sadness” the news of the death of Prince Phillips, who was “famous and highly regarded in Germany”. The deceased had “behavior, magic and intelligence.” […] He won the respect and love of the people of “the kingdom.” He himself “was able to experience the king’s“ intense humor ”with“ great pleasure ”in the meetings. Philip “made an important contribution to the reconciliation of our countries after the horrors of World War II.”

“The death of Prince Philip haunted me with great grief.” Meanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel (66) received the news. His friendship with Germany, his frankness and his sense of duty will never be forgotten. ”

Great friend

Swedish King Carl XVI. Gustav, 74, stated in a letter that he and Queen Silvia, 77, were “extremely sad” at the death of Phillips. He has been a “great friend of our family for many years”. The Swedish royal family had a “very valuable” relationship with him.

Meanwhile, King Harald of Norway (84) announced that he expresses his condolences to the Queen and the British people and that his thoughts are with Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the family. On this day and the day of the funeral, which is not yet officially known, the flag will be raised on the half-mast from the palace balcony.

Notable figures from show business and business also spoke. Entrepreneur Superstar Richard Branson (70) He wrote on Twitter: “Rest in peace, Prince Philip.” His thoughts also go to the Queen and the Royal Family.

Irish singer Ronan Keating (44) Post a picture on InstagramHe can be seen with his wife Storm (39) and Prince Philip. It was a “great honor” to meet the Royal. “I lived a full life, a good life.” The singer’s thoughts are also with relatives.

British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (51) Meanwhile, Instagram thanked For decades Philip has been serving. “Thank you for your unwavering dedication to our Queen and our country,” she said.


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