May 19, 2024

Prince Harry: 'Sleepless nights' over upcoming UK visit

Prince Harry He is worried about his upcoming visit to England

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Prince Harry will be visiting Great Britain in a few weeks. It is not yet clear whether Duchess Meghan will accompany him. Which family members the dropout royal will meet is still up in the air, but one expert is certain: Harry is already having “sleepless nights” because of the trip.

Prince Harry, 39, will travel to England on May 8, 2024 to attend the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. The Duke of Sussex is set to deliver a speech at a special anniversary celebration at St Paul's Cathedral. Harry flew to his homeland in early February shortly after 75-year-old King Charles' cancer diagnosis was announced, but stayed for less than 24 hours. Since it's been known that the estranged royal will return to London, theories have abounded: Will Duchess Meghan, 42, accompany him on the trip? Will he meet his father? Will he reconcile with Prince William, 41, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, 42? Questions that are currently unanswered.

According to royal experts, one thing is certain: it will not be an easy visit for Harry, which is why he is already having “sleepless nights”.

Prince Harry doesn't know how to face his family

Prince Harry, who has a strained relationship with the royal family because of his public appearances, says Kate will face trouble with a cancer diagnosis, according to royal writer Tom Quinn. “Harry wants to reconcile with his sister-in-law, his brother and his father,” the expert told the Mirror: “As he spoke in his memoir 'Spare', he now takes a more relaxed view of things. And that has been revealed in various interviews.” However, he does not know how to do this. He will also consider Meghan. He doesn't want his wife to be offended by a possible reconciliation. It is currently giving the 39-year-old “sleepless nights”.

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A hopeless situation?

There has been speculation for years about when Harry and William will reconcile. According to Quinn, William couldn't understand why his little brother couldn't handle the argument. “The way Meghan and Harry were treated when they were working members of the royal family was heartbreaking. On the other hand, William and Kate have been treated badly since Harry and Meghan left,” the author explains. The circle in which brothers find themselves. Harry and William will have to see what happens next.

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