March 3, 2024

Prince Harry: Author: He wants to return to England - but not Megan

Prince Harry: Author: He wants to return to England – but not Megan

In January 2020, Prince Harry (37) and his wife Duchess Megan (40, you’re Megan Markle) caused a stir by announcing that the couple would not only relinquish their royal duties, but also return to Great Britain. .

Harry and Megan now live in Montecitto, California with their children Archie (2) and Lilliput (10 months). Although they do not yet hold a place in society, Harry described the United States as “his home” for the time being in an interview with American television presenter Hota Kotp, 57, according to “”. .

As the website continues to write, aristocrat Tina Brown (68) has a good idea of ​​what this “for now” might mean.

Dear words! Duchess Megan honors her “incredible husband” – Prince Harry kisses her and thanks her. The pleasant scenes of the Royal Dropouts can be seen in the video above.

Will Prince Harry return to England?

Speaking on the New York Times podcast “Sway”, the former Vanity Fair reporter said, “I think Harry will want to come back when the Queen dies to serve her country.” And the aristocrat is convinced that Harry’s family will find a way to get the 37 – year – old back on track.

Will Duchess Megan stay in the US?

Brown says fans who are excited to see Harry return to the UK soon with his wife and children will be a little disappointed. “I do not see Megan wanting to come back. She does not like England.” The author, who recently published the book “The Palace Papers”, can only imagine a kind of passenger arrangement between Harry and Megan as he jets back and forth between California and Great Britain.

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Noble expert says leaving Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan is “bad decision”

Tina Brown could not comprehend the extreme break that Prince Harry and his wife made in 2020. The author notes that the couple made some “bad decisions” at the time. According to the expert, both Prince Harry and Duchess Megan could have resigned from their royal duties with very good terms if they had not been so “hot”.

But the couple’s move is a “disaster” for the state “company” because the working royal family invites the family home, Brown notes in an interview. “I think there is a Harry-shaped vacuum in the royal family now,” Brown explained, “and Harry was loved by the English.” Megan was also revered in Britain at the beginning of her partnership with Harry.

Although Megan apparently wants to live in the United States, Tina Brown sees the Queen’s 70th anniversary (96) as a great opportunity to close the gap. The royal family needs them because of their “star power” when Harry and Megan are on the balcony with other royal families. “We have to have a royal family there,” Brown insists.