Plan in memory of the Queen: Prince Charles called for the restoration of the old forest

Britain’s Prince Charles wants a strong commitment to England’s old forests and trees. The 73-year-old has called for the renovation of the historic natural habitat in Great Britain as part of a new project in memory of his mother Elizabeth II (96), the AP news agency reported.

“These are invaluable, declining assets that support biodiversity and provide the best products for artisans,” the Prince of Wales said in a video message from the Directory of Ancient Forests and Trees dedicated to the Queen’s 70th anniversary. These treasures must be preserved for future generations.

Charles Queens is the patron of the Green Canopy (QGC) initiative, which encourages citizens to plant a tree during the coronation ceremony, thus creating a tradition in memory of the Queen (motto: “Plant a tree for the Jubilee”).

To mark the 70th anniversary of the throne, the new landscape directory contains 70 old forests and 70 trees. This includes the apple tree, which is said to have inspired the English mathematician Isaac Newton in Lincolnshire to ask why apples fall directly to the ground.

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