May 22, 2024

Political incitement has nothing to do with science and culture, but rather is a danger to democracy

The headline “Science and culture call for stellar march for democracy” alone, which is currently being presented to readers of the Dresden newspaper Sächsische Zeitung, displays unsurmountable arrogance and arrogance. For months, citizens were subjected to an uprising by the good guys, as if democracy in Germany was on the verge of collapse. Thanks to lies and false information from questionable “research teams”, which have in fact turned into agitation centers funded with state money and money from American foundations, citizens are convinced that the majority of the middle class is now finally standing up to fight the right. Wing extremism, xenophobia and xenophobia and engage in battle against all forms of denial of views presented by the state. Public broadcasters continue to spread lies about a secret conference supposedly held in Potsdam, even though alleged research conducted by a shady organization turns out to be fiction.

Citizens must oppose this nonsense on a massive scale, which is now dangerous because it is finally destroying the social climate and only allowing views deemed permissible by a self-proclaimed democratic leftist elite. It is acted as if this conforms to the opinion of the majority of citizens, knowing full well that a small leftist group has literally usurped the formation of social opinion and is establishing a dictatorship of thought.

What does it mean when it is said that “science and culture” call for a stellar march for democracy? Who is “science” and who is “culture”? When the Dean of the Technical University of Dresden, Ursula M. Studinger, to such a new presentation, one must respond to this lady that she may be a scientist, but she is not a scientist. The same applies to culture. Here too, it is being acted as if all artists will join the calls of leftist groups and take to the streets in search of a ghost that does not even exist.

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The numerous marches organized against the right only mean that citizens are tired of this one-sided political incitement and are turning away from this political theater in disgust. However, the swell of supposed democratic marches in no way promotes population cohesion, but rather leads to political apathy and internal aggression against groups that believe they are the only good people who know what is missing in our society. Community.

The use of lies to incite political opposition must finally end. If the claim is repeated that the AfD wants to abolish freedom and democracy in Germany, these lies must be confronted. It would be foolish to follow such political charlatans, because you would not be serving democracy, but rather making fun of it. Lies don't become truth by repeating them over and over again.

We should not be fooled by the supposed science and culture behind which state-funded leftist political agitators hide. Let us rediscover our strength as free citizens of this country, who, on the basis of fundamental law, exercise their right not to be politically stupid. Real scientists and real artists do not give in to all political nonsense. Real science does not look at all the world's problems through inflammatory red glasses, but rather tries to develop theses about social development and subject them to constant examination to determine their accuracy. The street is not a stage for this, but rather political actors use it only to heat up the political climate in order to lure citizens onto the wrong path. In any case, this is not the path to democracy.

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