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02/11/2022 – 11:54 am

Police Cologne

Cologne (ots)

Press release from the Attorney General’s Office and the Police in Cologne:

Cologne police, with the support of Olsztyn (Poland) and BKA and Europol officials, raided the couple’s home in Cologne-Vokelsang on Thursday morning (February 10). They allegedly started accounts in the names of the homeless for a Polish fraud gang and sent account details to customers in Poland.

According to previous knowledge, the gang is said to have run a call center in England, from which the perpetrators summoned the elders in Poland under a legend. For example, they reportedly forced the elderly to switch to one of these accounts to prevent them from being accessed by hackers. The activities of this gang with deceived persons in Germany are currently unknown. Polish police returned to German authorities with a request for legal assistance.

Investigations by media representatives should be sent to the Olsztyn (Poland) District Attorney’s Office. (ph / en)

For media inquiries contact:

Cologne Police Headquarters
Press Office
Walter-Poly-Ring 2-6
51103 Cologne

Phone: 0221/229 5555
Email: pressestelle.koeln (at) polizei.nrw.de


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