June 22, 2024

The hockey national team also lost to Valieva before the Danish ++ doping trial

The hockey national team also lost to Valieva before the Danish ++ doping trial

60 minutes: But it’s not a happy ending – Denmark ends the match with an empty goal 5: 3.

58 minutes: Yes! Fabrice Herzog scored 3: 4 for Switzerland! There is still more than two minutes. Hop Swiss!

57 minutes: Goldender Perra leaves the snow. What is the matter?

53 minutes: Switzerland got two penalties in a matter of seconds. Denmark could play with double advantage for 1:53 minutes, but did not score at this point. Switzerland has five minutes.

49 minutes: Switzerland again performed well in the game and hit the target. Denise Malkin has a great chance, but she can’t change Lofel’s template.

45 minutes: In the power play, Romain Lofel brings back confidence with a worthwhile slipshot and reduces the lead to 2: 4.

42 minutes: There are more left in Switzerland than the number at the beginning of the third. But shortly after, Nikolai Meyer overcame a 4-1 victory over Denmark. Has the game already been decided?

40 minutes: After all, Switzerland is harmless in the last few seconds. The middle third is finished and lost with 0: 3. Can the Swiss still find a way?

39 minutes: Vermin goes to a fight very provocative and agrees to the next sentence. Is Denmark already making a preliminary decision in the power play?

36 minutes: Switzerland could have acted more than two minutes, but would not have gotten a shot towards the opposing goal. Shortly after the dance ended, defender Weber attacked the post.

34 minutes: When Malkin returns, it attacks Perra’s back. Luganos Podker won 3-1 for Denmark.

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31 minutes: Next penalty against Switzerland. Malkin is caught again for tripping. And the problem is getting closer.

28 minutes: Due to cross-examination, Christoph Bertsey had to go to the penalty box. After a while, Rito Ferra was needed again, who could block the third goal.

27 minutes: But the Danes have a better chance. Denmark stumbles on the Aladdin disk and becomes 2v0. The best Perra keeps Switzerland in the game.

25 minutes: Next chance for Denmark, but Nikolai Meyer can not win. Then Oliver Larson should go to the penalty box – Powerplay Switzerland!

22 minutes: What is going on here? Denmark immediately increases to 2: 1. Again it was the Swiss own goal. Suddenly Patrick Fisher’s team is behind.

21st minute: Wrong start in the middle third of Switzerland. After Malkin goes to the penalty box, it only takes a few seconds for the disc to go inside. Peter Regin equalized for Denmark.

20 minutes: Perra has to intervene again, and then there is a break. Switzerland is after the first third match against Denmark.

16 minutes: Goal for Switzerland. Yannick Weber wins after an opponent’s goal and is outplayed by a lone Enzo Corvey. He remained calm and scored 1-0.

12 minutes: Malkin finds Denis Hollande failing with his shot at Danish goalie Sebastian Tom. This is the best opportunity for Switzerland.

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9 minutes: After Aladdin awarded a two-minute penalty, it was dangerous in front of Perra. With allied forces, Switzerland prevents a break in the boxing game.

7 minutes: Suddenly the dance cheered, but not for long. Due to the high stick, the supposed starting goal is not calculated.

5 min: The buck is high in Switzerland, but at this point you can not create dangerous opportunities.

1st minute: Just 6 seconds later Andriceto had his first chance at Switzerland. However, he missed the target.

Before the game: At the end of the group stage, the Swiss national team meets Denmark in the Olympic ice hockey tournament. Can Patrick Fischer’s team get their first win after two defeats in the beginning?