June 21, 2024

Women's Curling Championship - Swiss women also beat Canada and scored an equal start - The Sports

Women’s Curling Tournament – Swiss Women Beat Canada’s Open Start Record – Game

  • The Swiss curlers are flawless in Beijing: they won their 5th match in the 5th round robin against Canada.
  • The CC Aarau team equaled the Swiss opening record at the Olympics with an 8: 4 victory over Canada.
  • The Swiss curlers will not be active again against Sweden until Monday (1:05 ​​pm).

At the end of the 6th it was as if the Swiss curlers had given up. The Canadians with Skip Jennifer Jones were able to steal a stone and take the lead for the first time. Canada, who were 3-1 to Switzerland at the end of 4, suddenly took a 4-3 lead.

But Melanie Barbesat, Esther Neuenshwander, Sylvana Trinconi and Alina Pots are not tired of the change in the meantime. In contrast: the Swiss quartet stole two stones at the 8th and 9th and equalized before being dragged to 8: 4.

The Canadians tried this miracle at the end of the 10th, but after the Swiss’ final stone, Jones and Co. It was already the 3rd defeat in Game 4 for the strongly rated North Americans.

As it was in Salt Lake City in 2002

Switzerland, for its part, continues a sinless record in Beijing. 5 wins in the first 5 games, this is the first time the Swiss women’s team has done so at the Olympics. In Salt Lake City in 2002, Skip Lucia Epnothar’s team won the first 5 games.

On Monday, Barbusat, Neuenshwander, Trinhoni and Bots are likely to become the only achievers with a sixth win. However, the task is not easy. Switzerland face Sweden at 1.05pm.

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