December 10, 2023

Podcast: Does music help learning?

Podcast: Does music help learning?

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In this episode for you: Julia Nestlen and our guest doctor and director Florence Randrianarisoa aka. Dr. Flogo.

Your topics are:

  • playing music! Because it makes you healthy – as well as smart? At least that’s what’s called the “Mozart effect.”
  • Copied from an octopus: Researchers have developed a material that can keep your coffee at the optimum temperature for a long time – with the help of tiny copper sheets. Perfect for novelty mugs! Sea creatures were the model.
  • The strange everyday life of an ophthalmologist: Florence tells us about her craziest case of the clinic.
  • Bored in closing? of course not! The British simply started a massive citizen science project and digitized thousands of handwritten weather data from the 19th century.

More information and studies can be found here:

Dr. Florence Randrianariswa is a physician, presenter and content creator. She first studied Media Culture Studies and Media Management in Cologne and Rome. Then human medicine, also in Cologne and in the Caribbean Fort-de-France. After receiving her doctorate and several years as a hospital physician, Florence now works as a television presenter and medical journalist. On her YouTube channel “Dr. Flojo” she explains medical topics in an understandable way.

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