May 23, 2024

Parliamentary elections in Scotland - (half) country dreams of independence - news

Parliamentary elections in Scotland – (half) country dreams of independence – news


If the Scots vote, it’s also about the nation’s independence.

During the recent televised debate in Glasgow, Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon explained where the trip would go if her party won the elections next week: “We have to get our nation to take off again. This includes that the Scots can decide on our nation’s independence. This is the only way we can.” By making sure that it is not Boris Johnson that shapes our economic future, but the people who live here in Scotland. “

A decision in favor or against membership of the European Union

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Scotland will elect a new Parliament next week. This choice could mark a historic turning point for the United Kingdom. With parliamentary elections, the Scots also decide whether to hold another referendum on independence. Because for the ruling Scottish National Party, independence and the way back to the European Union became the most important political goals after Brexit.

The recent independence referendum is not far away. In 2014, the Scots spoke clearly, with 55%, in favor of remaining in the kingdom. The British government in London at the time believed the issue had been on the table for a generation. But it turned out differently. Brexit has radically changed the starting position. A clear majority of Scots were against Brexit. Many felt torn by the European Union against their will.

Dreams of independence supported by the Green Party. On the other hand, the Labor Party and the liberal and conservative democrats want to stay in the kingdom.

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Are you looming a debated debate?

Brexit showed how such a debate can cripple and divide a country for years. Political scientist John Curtis believes Scotland could be an equally toxic controversy.

“At the height of the epidemic, support for independence seemed to be on the rise. People felt that an independent Scotland could handle the epidemic better. With the success of government vaccination in London, that perception receded again. The fact of the matter today is that the Scottish people are divided by 50: 50 Exactly when it comes to independence. “

When two do the same thing

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If the Scots are calling for independence every second, don’t the separatists do exactly what the United Kingdom did with the European Union and were heavily criticized by the Scots? To leave the union without knowing the consequences?

No, says propagandist and Scottish nationalist Stephen Githins. Leaving the European Union was against the will of the Scots. The entire Scottish history is marked by universality and global solidarity. Brexit is an English nationalism project. In this sense, Scotland’s desire for independence is the opposite of Brexit, if you will. Rebuilding relations with the European Union and other countries – as opposed to secession and isolation. “

Harm is not to be underestimated

The collateral damage of independence should not be underestimated. The head of government will have to answer the question of how to finance an independent Scotland without the help of Great Britain. The nation receives about 2,000 francs per inhabitant of fiscal parity every year.

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The geography cannot be changed either. England will remain our closest and most important trading partner. If Scotland does return to the European Union, a difficult border with England is inevitable.

Referendum only with British approval

There is a legal problem that Scotland can only hold a referendum on independence with the consent of the British government. Prime Minister Johnson has already announced that he will not allow such a vote.

He finds widespread support in that – including from former Labor Representative Gisela Stewart. The fact that the Scots derive the referendum from Brexit is incomprehensible to them:

“For me, the vote on Brexit is a commitment to the United Kingdom and a depositary to an organization that restricts our sovereignty, which is the European Union. Brexit is a commitment to freedom. That is why it is strange to me that Scots talk about freedom, independence and the desire to join.” To the European Union at the same time. So leave the union to become free and independent, then immediately join the next union. Perhaps this polemical paradox is worth thinking about a little longer.

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Political decisions are rarely governed by the laws of logic alone. Opinion polls show that the SNP could win a majority in the upcoming elections and this would shake up the UK.