July 15, 2024

Why does a lobster question the term

Why does a lobster question the term

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Instead of treating it as food, a restaurant in the US state of Ohio put this rare blue lobster in a zoo. The facility in Akron claims to have captured the animal after restaurant staff at Tawseel discovered it and recognized the rarity of the blue shell.

Most people associate lobsters with red. There’s even the term red crayfish in the dictionary. However, lobsters must ask themselves throughout their life why they have the same name for this particular shade. Because if they turned red during cooking, they are already dead.

Following the example of a restaurant mantra, the staff called the animal “Clawde”. This appears to be a play on words that contain the English word “claw” (claw or scissors). The cause of the unusual color is a genetic mutation. In the zoo, crustaceans now live in a special tank called “Clawde’s Man Cave”. Akron, with a population of about 198,000, is located in northeast Ohio near the border with Canada.

With exemption from customs duties Hammer 🔨 Members of the European Parliament want to ease the trade row with the United States. In return, the United States, for its part, should reduce tariffs on lighters, ready meals and some crystal glassware from the European Union, according to the proposal adopted Thursday. Another condition is that the United States refrain from taking any new measures against the European Union. “The slogan is not called Hammer 🔨 Everyone, but the slogan is cooperation rather than confrontation, “said Bernd Lange, SPD MP.

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European Commission Deputy Valdes Dombrovskis said the agreement has great political significance for improving transatlantic trade relations. Although it is limited in scope, it is an important sign. The tariff reduction should be applied retroactively through August 1 and initially for a period of five years. The so-called lobster deal came out in August. Before it goes into effect, it must be approved by the Council of the European Union.

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