Russia is used to Western sanctions

According to President Vladimir Putin, Russia is used to sanctions from the West. On Wednesday, Putin said on the state television program “Direct Draht” that the Russian economy has not only coped with the pressures of sanctions, but has sometimes benefited from them.

The basics in brief

  • Russia now produces many of the goods that were imported before.

Agriculture has made “a leap we could not have imagined in the past few years”.

“Whatever sanctions imposed on Russia, all that frightens us: Russia is developing anyway,” Putin said. The European Union and the United States of America have been imposing sanctions on Russia for years, among others over the 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea. Moscow responded by imposing a ban on imports of many Western foods. Since then, many Russians have repeatedly complained about high food prices.

Putin said Russia would find answers about possible border crossings by the United States, “which our partners really feel.” Two weeks after the summit with US President Joe Biden in Geneva, Putin said he hoped at the same time that the United States would reconsider its priorities and that relations between the two countries would improve.

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