March 2, 2024

The former US ambassador described Putin as a "coward" after Navalny's lawyer was arrested

The former US ambassador described Putin as a “coward” after Navalny’s lawyer was arrested

A former US ambassador to Russia called the Russian president Russian President Vladimir PutinVladimir Vladimirovich Putin – The Moscow embassy cut consular services after Russia’s employment restrictions widened in the wake of the widening divide between Washington and Turkey. However, it is up to Turkey to mend the gap that Navalny says looks like a “terrible skeleton” after a hunger strike. “Coward” after Moscow police arrested the lawyer for opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Michael McFall, who served as ambassador to Russia for two years during the Obama administration, turned to Twitter To criticize Putin after Navalny’s lawyer, Ivan Pavlov, was arrested on Friday.

“The rule of law in Russia is disappearing,” he wrote on Twitter and posted a message about the lawyer’s arrest.

Pavlov represented three Navalny-related organizations that Russia is trying to ban. He accused the Russian government of hiding behind a closed court and described the material as classified when it was not The Washington Post Mentioned.

The attorney called on the government to downgrade the materials in the Navalny case. Pavlov He was arrested and charged with releasing preliminary investigation data in the case on Friday, the day after he was threatened with detention by the Russian Federal Service (FSB).

Putin is a coward. Otherwise, why is a lawyer arrested while trying to work within the Russian legal system to defend Navalny’s organization? Just pathetic. “It’s hard for me to understand how anyone can respect these procedures,” said McPhall, who now heads the Stanford Institute for International Studies.

The Russian government had earlier arrested Navalny’s supporters, lawyers and journalists who covered his protest. The Washington Post reported that the Navy headquarters and regional offices were disbanded Thursday to protect personnel.

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Navalny He appeared in court The video was first recorded on Thursday after the end of a three-week hunger strike over a desire to meet a civilian doctor about his medical problems.

The opposition leader looked emaciated and shaved his head. He said he weighed just under 160 pounds, a weight he hadn’t had since the seventh grade.

President BidenJoe Biden, will Seattle officers use the same defense they’re trying to wrest from the police? The Taliban warns of attacks on US forces after the withdrawal deadline under the Trump deal. You’re going through the inspector general for the epidemic and criticizing the Justice Department memo and urging Congress to clarify the mandate He condemned Russia to Navalny and the United States in March To impose sanctions Against the country for using chemical weapons against dissidents, including Navalny.

McFall said Friday that due to recent Russian actions against Navalny before Putin, Biden should meet the Ukrainian president and send troops to the Ukrainian border.