May 23, 2024

Opera is now also optimized for Chromebooks

Opera is now also optimized for Chromebooks

Opera is the first ever browser to offer an optimized version for Google Chromebooks. A VPN and ad blocker are also available.

The basics in brief

  • So far, Google Chrome has been the only web browser optimized for Chromebooks.
  • Opera now offers its own browser for the first time, which is also optimized for Chrome OS.
  • The update also includes several new security and functional features.

Thanks to Opera, there’s now a new optimized browser for Chromebooks side by side The Google Chrome. For the first time, laptops based on Google’s Chrome OS have an alternative web browser with a full set of functions. Opera also delivers Some of its special features.

Opera brings a new browsing experience to Chromebooks

The new version of Opera is mainly based on a file Android-Copy of the famous browser. In addition to the full set of mouse and keyboard functions, there is also the new version Various security functions. Opera offers a full-fledged VPN and its own ad blocker and cookie pop-up blocker on Chromebooks.

In this version there is also a selection of themes in different colors, each in dark or light. to use At night or with little light, there is also a blue light filter, which is supposed to protect the eyes. Opera for Chromebooks is now free at مجان The Google Play Store installed.

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