December 8, 2023

Online – Network of European Theater Schools in Timisoara

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Timisoara Seven European theater schools will meet in the European Capital of Culture, Timisoara, in mid-November. The “Network – Meeting of European Theater Schools in Timisoara” will take place from 10 to 16 November and will include performances, debates, workshops, reading performances in Timisoara schools, conferences and joint performances. The main aim of this event is to create a real cultural dialogue between European theater schools. The event provides a meeting point for students, theater teachers, professionals, critics, theater directors, well-known actors and directors, and also invites the Timisoara audience to attend performances.

Students and professors of European theater schools will have the opportunity, on the one hand, to meet in a space of performative dialogue characterized by event components and, on the other hand, this space has been designed and built to provide It is also necessary through the proposed program of performances to provoke the encounter: each school will exercise its power of seduction in front of the spectators. From all over the world, but also from Timisoara and its surroundings. The festival’s curators are Alina Masiello and Florin Vedamsky.

The following theater schools participating in the 2023 edition are: Aleksandar Zelorowicz National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw, Poland; Hannover University of Music, Theater and Media (HMTMH) and Baden-Württemberg Academy of Performing Arts in Ludwigsburg, Germany; University of Music and Arts Vienna (MUK), Austria; The School of Theater at Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, UK; Department of German-Speaking Drama, Faculty of Music and Theater of the Western University (UVT) Timisoara, Romania.

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The opening guest of the “Network – Meeting of European Theater Schools in Timisoara” is Yves Marc – author, actor, director, teacher, recognized at the European level. The audience is invited to view the conference “PUBLIC: MODE D’EMPLOI?” Presented in June 2023 by Compagnie Yves MARC – Théâtre du Mouvement in collaboration with Théâtre Victor Hugo de Bagneux, Ouest Rox Mirande Association and Pôle Culturel Eauze for the Mirande Festival (Gers, France). With this show, the artist will participate in the Avignon Festival in 2024.

4 “Network – Meeting of European Theater Schools in Timisoara” is part of “Sunlight Theatre”. Performative dialogues.” The event is organized by the Artmedia Cultural Foundation and the Faculty of Music and Theater at the University of Timisoara West through the Department of German-Speaking Drama.

The project is part of the national cultural program “Timisoara – European Capital of Culture 2023” and is financed through the “European Echoes of Timisoara 2023” financing program presented by the Timisoara Project Center with funding from the state budget through the Ministry of Culture.