February 28, 2024

On the road with Dogstar in Canada: After the Collapse: Keanu Reeves continues to tour with his band.

Keanu Reeves is not only an actor but also has a passion for music. Photo: imago/ZUMA Wire

Keanu Reeves seems to be coping well with the breakup at his Los Angeles home. However, he didn’t let it ruin his tour with his band Talkstar.

Last week, an incident happened in the life of Keanu Reeves (59), which is similar to what happened in his blockbuster “John Wick” – with the difference that luckily no puppy was harmed: thieves disguised with ski masks broke into his Los Angeles mansion last Thursday (December 7). However, the star doesn’t seem fazed by the disturbing incident: The first pictures of Reeves since the break-in, Available to the British “Daily Mail”.Show him relaxing after a gig with his band Dogstar in Toronto, where he grew up.

In photos taken on Sunday (November 10), Reeves can be seen standing in front of his band’s tour bus with a guitar bag. Earlier in the day he had held a concert with Dogstar in his home country of Canada.

The culprit is still absconding

Even though the thieves were still at large, Reeves couldn’t stop the tour. Criminals broke into his home in LA last week by breaking a window. According to TMZ Surveillance camera footage released. They allegedly stole weapons and other items from there.

Police were called to the Hollywood star’s property by an anonymous caller who reported an intruder, hours before the incident on Wednesday around 7pm (local time). According to TMZ, Los Angeles Police Department officers searched the property but found nothing. They were called back to the house at around 1am after the burglars broke into the house and raised the alarm.

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Reeves was not home at the time of the break-in, according to the report. The actor has been a victim of multiple theft attempts. In 2014, intruders accessed his property twice within three days. Reeves was home during both incidents.