December 8, 2023

Norway enters into green industrial partnership with Great Britain – BusinessPortal Norway

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Sture and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak © Camilla Pietersen/Prime Minister’s Office

Jutland, 13 October 2023. Norway and the United Kingdom have agreed a green industrial partnership to contribute to increased economic cooperation on the green transition. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Sture and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak met during the meeting Summit of leaders of rapid intervention forces On the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. In a joint statement, the two countries agreed that the UK and Norway will develop an ambitious green industrial partnership as world leaders in the transition to safer and cleaner energy. The Green Industrial Partnership will explore new areas of cooperation, including critical national infrastructure in the development of future energy systems, offshore wind, low-emission transport including green shipping lanes and electric vehicle batteries, and critical minerals.

“Norway remains a stable and secure long-term energy supplier and maintains good and close cooperation with Great Britain in the energy sector. I am delighted with the agreement to build a forward-looking green industrial partnership with the UK to contribute to the green transition and increase economic cooperation between our two countries,” says Prime Minister Jonas Jahr Sture. “.

During this government period, Norway agreed to green industrial partnerships with the Nordic countries, Germany, the European Union and the USA. The government says the aim is to contribute to value creation and the green transition by giving Norwegian companies and industries access to markets, value chains, investments, research, innovation and technological cooperation through private investments in selected markets. Industrial partnerships have different focuses depending on the country, region and business interests.

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The new security policy situation after the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and the dangerous situation in the Middle East were also topics of discussion between Store and Georgia. Snack. In addition, the two Prime Ministers discussed increasingly close bilateral cooperation on defense and security policy.

He added: “Britain is our most important ally in Europe. We maintain comprehensive cooperation in the field of defense and security policies. Among other things, Norway works closely with the British in Operation Interflex, which conducts basic training for Ukrainian personnel. “In the situation,” Storr said. “In view of the current security situation, the increased cooperation between the British and Norwegian naval and air forces is very welcome.”

Expeditionary force commanders It is a British-led multinational rapid reaction force in which Norway has participated since its establishment in 2014.