December 4, 2023

Nintendo at HeroFest: Play the new games before everyone else

Nintendo at HeroFest: Play the new games before everyone else

The weekend is almost here and for all players, that can only mean one thing: it’s time for HeroFest in Bern! A red-hot event on the calendars of all fans of gaming, eSports, cosplay, fantasy and pop culture. And this year there’s a very special reason to look forward to it: Nintendo will also be there and bringing with it some of its latest hits.

Imagine not only being able to see the latest Nintendo Switch games, but also playing them. And not at some point, but now, at the end of this week, and some even before the start of their official sales. That’s exactly what Nintendo is offering at its booth at HeroFest.

Early access to the latest games

The highlight is undoubtedly “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.” A 2D adventure that takes players to the magical kingdom of flowers. There are surprises to discover around every corner, whether alone or in multiplayer mode with friends. The game won’t be released until October 20, but HeroFest attendees can experience Nintendo’s new adventure now.

Source: Nintendo

Sega Displays the working platform “Sonic Superstars”Ubisoft takes you to the legendary world of ancient Persia “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown”And on the Just Dance stage you can dance to the beats “Just Dance® 2024 Edition” You would have danced.

From adventures to racing games

In addition to new releases, there are also the latest songs that you can try. “The Return of Detective Pikachu” It invites you to a puzzle adventure in Ryme City, while exploring an unexplored planet in “Pikmin 4”. And for everyone who loves the classic game, there’s “The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears.”

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Racing fans can look forward to “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” with the enhanced track pass, while action fans can “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” Get their money’s worth. These are just a few of the many rides that await visitors in Bern.

Nintendo's Pikmin 4 has been number one in Japan for 3 months.  You can also test out the game at HeroFest
Source: Nintendo

Platinum points for each visitor

At Herofest, Nintendo doesn’t just think big, but also small. Each visitor to the booth will receive a panini scrapbook and stickers with Nintendo motifs. As a special thank you, everyone will receive 100 Platinum Points upon check-in, which can later be redeemed for rewards.