Night journey through the world of science

Oo. On Friday, May 20, Long Hunt Night will take place for the tenth time: young and old can finally experience the search live once again at more than 100 exhibition sites in 11 regions of Upper Austria from 5 pm to 11 pm with free admission.

How does AI actually work and can it also tell fairy tales? How smart are self-driving cars really? Can you feel the brainwaves? How do surgeons perform surgeries today? How to build the smallest solar powered windmill in the world?

A total of about 700 software items invite you to like, share, and experience the tenth edition of Long Night of Research. Under the motto “Experience the search live!” About 150 research institutions, universities, technical colleges, companies and other scientific institutions are working to make their work accessible to young and old at around 100 exhibition sites in eleven regions in Upper Austria. The aim is to convey the important role of research in current topics such as digitization, climate protection and health, and to reduce reservations about science and its institutions.

The largest science and research event offers an intensive and colorful program for the whole family in the regions of Braunau, Grieskirchen, Hagenberg, Mondsee, Linz, Ried, Schärding, Steyr, Vöcklabruck and Wels – and for the first time also in Perg.

The full program is available

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