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Karlsruhe (dpa/lsw) – From the point of view of Youtuber “MrWissen2go”, Mirko Druchmann, scientific formats in social media can be a way to attract girls who are interested in science topics. Many scientists are now investing a lot of time in social media posts after work, the 36-year-old said Tuesday evening at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) annual gala. The enthusiasm they do is contagious. “This is also an opportunity to attract young women into STEM subjects.” MINT stands for Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Technology. Drotschmann is one of the most popular YouTubers in Germany and has nearly two million subscribers on his channel “MrWissen2go”.

KIT President Holger Hanselka said that despite all the research university’s successes, the ratio of men and women “is not at all balanced”. The goal is “at some point” to raise the proportion of female professors to 20 per cent. But since many of the professors – appointed once – stay in office for a long time, it is a lengthy process.

According to Hanselka, it is becoming increasingly important for scientists to present their findings to the public – and in turn ask society what interests them. This is working better and better, attests by Beatrice Luger of the National Institute for Scientific Communication at KIT.

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