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NFL Draft Blog 2021: All the info about talent draw

NFL Draft Blog 2021: All the info about talent draw

Munich – Football fever is on the rise again. On the night of April 30 (live on ProSieben MAXX and, the NFL 2021 draft will take place in Cleveland. Unlike the previous year, fans should be allowed again.

Here you can find all the information about the draft.

+++ APRIL 22: Zach Wilson comes to Cleveland +++

While expected first pick Trevor Lawrence will not travel to Cleveland for the NFL draft, but will almost only participate, expected second pick Zack Wilson will be there. This is reported by Adam Shifter of ESPN.

The midfielder, who is considered a hot candidate for the New York Jets second in the draft and played for BYU College Soccer, will be in the green, as will midfield teammates Mac Jones (Alabama) and Trey Lance (North Dakota) room to be on site .

+++ April 21: Justin Fields has epilepsy +++

Exactly a week before the draft, senior full-back Justin Fields informed NFL teams that he had epilepsy. According to matched media reports, the disease should not affect the fields on the playing field.

Symptoms are said to have occurred rarely in Fields in recent years. The disease also appeared in other quarterback family members, but any restrictions in Fields’ relatives ended at a young age. Doctors assume Justin Fields has a similar clinical picture.

So epilepsy shouldn’t affect Fields’ performance, but top talent in a few places could fall into the draft due to illness.

+++ April 20: Dolphins and giants will likely present round one picks +++

Even just two weeks before the big talent show kicks off, the recruiting order is far from static. NFL insider Ian Rapoport claims to have discovered that the New York Giants are internally debating about getting their 11th pick in a trade context and then slipping down.

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However, General Manager Dave Gettleman never traded in picking the first round during his eight years so he could draft later. According to NFL reporter Dove Clement, the giants haven’t used this tactic in nearly two decades.

Rapoport had previously stated that the Miami Dolphins could also pick a sixth in the course of trade. There are inquiries about this and the franchise will think about it. Team Florida originally made the third choice, but abandoned it on the first deal and took the twelfth choice. In another deal, “Fins” rose to sixth place.

+++ April 15: Bill Belichick praises the midfielders for the draft: “Interesting combination” +++

Bill Belischik, head coach of the New England Patriots, looks forward to the 2021 season with midfielders Cam Newton and Jarrett Steadham. However, another playmaker will likely be added via the NFL draft. “It’s definitely an interesting group,” said the coach of the playmakers, who are now graduating from college and joining the NFL.

In the selection process, Bilesic will assist Matt Patricia, who was sacked as head coach of the Detroit Lions last season and was previously the Defense Coordinator for the Patriots. “Matt is now back with us and gathered a lot of information,” Bilesik revealed.

A successful trainer is confident that he has improved the entire draft process: “We are always trying to improve. Everything we do is evaluated and, if possible, improved. This is an annual process. We always have the goal of the next draft to do better.”

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+++ April 15th: Lyon Kings open Draft Day +++

American rock band Kings of Leon will open NFL competition in 2021 with music. The quartet around lead singer Caleb Followill will perform near the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and should give the starting signal for talent selection on April 29.

Ann Wilson will also sing the United States National Anthem.

More music for the remaining days of the NFL draft will be announced in the coming days.

+++ April 8: Many of the top talent travel to Cleveland +++

In the NFL 2021 project, a piece of normality must return to the football stage. While a year ago, all the players were only physically connected, this time the NFL invited some of the best talent to Cleveland again.

According to ESPN, a number of potential first-round selections have now been confirmed. In addition to Heisman Trophy DeVonta Smith award winner, there will also be Alabama teammate and midfielder Mac Jones. The same goes for top receiver Ja’Marr Chase, narrow Kyle Pitts and Trey Lance.

Major potential clients such as Christian Barmore, Patrick Surten II, Gregory Russo, Mika Parsons and Caleb Farley will also travel to Cleveland.

+++ April 1: Tight End Kyle Pitts dots big goals after Pro Day +++

Tight end Florida Gators Kyle Bates gave a strong performance on his professional day at his alma mater.

At the 40-yard dash, for example, the 20-year-old was satisfied with an unofficial time of 4.44 seconds. After his strong performances, the pass recipient also released a Live Goal for upcoming years in the NFL.

I want to be able to do things that other tight fringes don’t do. I want to be unique, ”Bates said of his ambitions for the upcoming seasons. ESPN “.

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Moreover: “At the end of the day, with all the training and preparation, I feel I can be the best ever.”

The high demands are no coincidence, especially in the 2020 season, the tight end of the Florida Gators with 770 yards received twelve touchdowns in just eight matches.

+++ March 29: Trevor Lawrence refrained from traveling to Cleveland +++

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who is expected to be the first pick, will not be in Cleveland for the draft (night of April 29-30 live on ProSiebenMAXX and

Instead, the 21-year-old wants to watch the action in Clemson with his family and some friends. That mentioned “ESPN”.

Lawrence turns down an invitation from the NFL and follows Clemson’s draft, which with her college team won the National Championship as a freshman in 2018. The draft runs in front of a select group of talents, fans and journalists. Last year, it almost took place for the first time due to the pandemic.

The Jacksonville Jaguars open player picks this year and is expected to be the first player to clinch Lawrence. The midfielder underwent surgery on his left shoulder in February, but his right limb. It should be ready to prepare for the season.

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