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According to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, the European Premier League has not yet failed.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said, “You are completely wrong” towards the critics, who announced that the Europa League project will be completed, in a radio interview broadcast on Thursday morning. to be. Other clubs are not believed to have left the Premier League. “It is clear in the contract that you cannot leave,” he said.

It was as if we had killed someone. It was as if we had killed football.

The day before, the vast majority of the 12 clubs had distanced themselves from the Premier League. The project has been criticized from all sides. “It was as if we had killed someone. It was as if we had killed football. But we are trying to find a way to save football,” said Perez, making his point.

“I have been playing football for 20 years and have never seen such threats before.” Maybe the project was not explained properly, “but they didn’t give us the opportunity to explain it.” He is sad and disappointed that you have worked on the project for 3 years.

Barcelona also favor the Premier League

Perez was supported by his arch-rivals Barcelona, ​​from all places. “The Premier League is essential,” said new president Joan Laporta. It is absolutely essential that we the big clubs, which contribute a large part of the resources, have a say in the distribution of revenues. “

Barcelona confirmed in a statement this evening that it will stick to the idea of ​​the Premier League. Failure to do so at the club is a “historic mistake”.

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In light of the public reaction, the club realized that the proposal should be reconsidered and the questions still had to be clarified, “Always in the general interest of the football world”.

Perez is the premier league head who wasn’t there.

UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin did not react long. Just a few hours later, he said on Slovenian television: “Perez is the president of a Super League that did not exist, and he is currently the president of nothing. The president of the European Union wants to obey him, listen to him and do whatever he wants.”

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