June 20, 2024

Next Qualcomm Snapdragon with AV1 Video Codec Support

semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm It is said to be working on AV1 video codec support for the upcoming high-end mobile chipset. It is about the generation that can be used in the flagship smartphones from next year.

that reports Caschy . Blog Referring to a report prepared by Online Journal Protocol. This is particularly interesting because acceptance of the AV1 open video codec has been slow so far due to hesitant adaptation. Web browsers like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox support the codec playback, but video providers are still waiting for broader device support. That could change in the coming months, as both consumer electronics companies and chip vendors now prepare to introduce new devices with native AV1 decoding capabilities, Protocol says.

The first details from insiders

Qualcomm should be on top. Qualcomm plans to add support for AV1 to its next flagship Snapdragon mobile processor. The clues come from a source familiar with the specifications of the new chip.

The “chicken and egg problem” has stymied AV1 adoption thus far: without widespread hardware support, streaming services would have little incentive to re-encode the entire catalog. It’s also an expensive proposition, even if one expects that the bandwidth savings in the future will make up for it. In addition, there was no pressure to switch. But that appears to be changing now, depending on the protocol, so 2023 could be the year AV1 sees wider adoption.

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