June 24, 2024

Hot Wheels Unleashed: February Game Content for More Fun

Hot Wheels Unleashed: February Game Content for More Fun

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) – Even in February, Hot Wheels Unleashed supply won’t stop. After creating the technical basis for providing new premium game content recently with a small update, a total of 5 new expansions are now available, all of which are part of HOT WHEELS Pass Vol.2 and are priced between 0.99 and €2.99.

New premium game content available for Hot Wheels Unleashed


The Acceleracers Power Rage, part of HOT WHEELS Pass Vol.2, is another racing car from the popular animated series and from the world of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there is one inspired by Michelangelo himself. This is joined by a vehicle from the Street Fighter series inspired by Chun-Li.

Animated Booster Slam unit offers more versatility in racing, as you can not only jump right through the moving loop but also get unlimited and continuous boost that can turn the entire race track upside down. Provided that the speed and angle are exactly the same. Even in the case of resurfacing, the payment is kept.

Hot Wheels Unleashed February Monthly Update

Meanwhile, the basement gets a new look with the Outer Space Customization Pack, which includes 2 walls, 2 floors, 1 door, 1 decor, 1 sofa and 1 set of 4 posters to turn the basement into the center of the universe. This is rounded off by an icon, tag, and background for your profile.

Hot Wheels Unleashed – changelog on PC:
– Additional support for upcoming DLCs

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