December 8, 2023 – The escape room branch of one of the most popular horror and sci-fi games from the gaming company

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For everyone who can’t get enough of it The critically acclaimed sci-fi horror game “Nemesis” It can be obtained and is currently available at Playmaker Branch to support: “Side Question: Enemy”. the Cooperative escape room adventures It has already been successfully supported, but it can still be supported for a few more days. “SideQuest: Nemesis” aims to 1-4 people aged 14 years and over And it has almost no play time. 60-90 minutes

This is what the game is about

You have received an attractive job offer from the company under Captain Jessica Kowalski. Apparently there was no longer any news of a ship carrying valuable cargo – and this had been the case for several weeks.
The mission is nothing special: to locate the ship, determine its condition, and return the cargo to Earth at any cost. However, the Captain’s latest entry worries you. The ship’s AI has registered the presence of alien beings. So be careful. Because the silence there is more terrifying than ever…

Unlike its big brother “Nemesis,” “SideQuest: Nemesis” offers a co-op adventure in which you work together as a rescue crew to try to find the valuable cargo and bring it to Earth. To do this you have to inspect the ship and you have to solve puzzles. But it remains to be seen if this is all that easy to do…

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the campaign

The initiator of the campaign is Grimspear Publishingwhich primarily focuses on games with a lot of atmosphere.

As already written, the “SideQuest: Nemesis” campaign was successfully funded. But you can still do it Mid-November Enter. For 16 euros you get the puzzle adventure “SideQuest: Nemesis”. You can also get the prequel “SideQuest: 7th Lake” for €16.

There are also some titles from the publisher to choose from:

  • “Destinies Enchanted Forest” as a bundle (59 euros) with expansions and additional scenarios or as a box (105 euros), which also includes premium components and a large box for all content
  • “The Dark Quarter” including the expansion with improvement objectives “Demon of the Past” for 169 euros, the expansion “Lost in the Night” (65 euros) or the mini-upgrade (35 euros)
  • “Mercurial” for 59 euros
  • “Terrorscape” includes 3 expansions for 149 euros

“SideQuest: Nemesis” will be delivered with January 2024 specific. This time there are extra drops shipping in.

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