May 21, 2024

New weekly free game and forecast for week 34

New weekly free game and forecast for week 34

The Epic Games Store has been offering free games on a regular basis for weeks, including this week. Title Yooka-Laylee and Impossible Laire Playtonic Games was announced last week. It costs 39.99 euros and is from 2017. Epic Games also has Void bastards Excavated by Blue Mancu. The regular cost is €27.99 and is from 2019.

Über Yooka-Laylee and Impossible Laire

Yooka and Laylee are back in an all-new platform adventure from Playtonic Games! Your archenemy Capital B is no good and the two friends have set out to save the day.

In order to thwart his evil plan to enslave an entire Bee kingdom with the tool of “Human Intelligence”, our heroes must fight in an “inaccessible” lair in Capital B.

It looks like a suspicious spot, but with the help of Queen Phoebe and the royal petalon, Yuka and Lily might have a chance!

About void bastards

Forget everything you know about first-person shooter games: Void Bastards leave it up to you, just aiming and shooting isn’t enough. Your task is to lead the Void Bastards out of the Sargasso Nebula. It’s your choice where to go, what to do, and who to fight. In all this, you have to keep your cool and make sure that you never forget your strategy in the face of terrible opponents.

Aboard the spaceship wreck, you must prepare your mission and gather information about the spaceship’s plan, as well as the dangers and enemies that you may encounter. You can also use the terminals and other ship systems to your advantage.

Both games can be added to the library until August 26th at 5:00 PM – for free. As always, you logically need an account in the Epic Games Store.

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Preview week 34

The forecast for next week looks exciting, as the Epic Games Store announces the free game one week in advance. And then there car maker By Hermes Interactive from 2019.

Welcome to Automachef, the resource management game where you design kitchens, program machines, and truly represent your genius! Design tomorrow’s kitchens today!

Designing and building automated restaurants and programming them for smooth production. Do you have the adventurous spirit and the knowledge to compete in the world of automated restaurants?

Think carefully about solving challenging space, resource management and scenario puzzles! Not enough hot dogs? You will find a solution! The kitchen is burning? No problem for someone like you!

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