June 14, 2024

No more support for Microsoft 365

No more support for Microsoft 365

Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft 365 users will need to find an alternative browser. Microsoft ended support on August 17th.

The basics in brief

  • Microsoft 365 support has been discontinued via Internet Explorer 11.
  • Since August 17, users are expecting complications when opening apps.
  • There are many alternative browsers.

On August 17, Microsoft discontinued support for Internet Explorer 11 for the Microsoft 365 Office suite. So if you are still using IE and want to access Microsoft 365 apps, you can run into problems.

There are alternatives to Internet Explorer 11

Specific issues can vary from app to app, but support for these issues has been discontinued. But a complete break does not come until after some time. Banner displays the user It is indicated, it is said In a blog post.

Alternative to Internet Explorer It is the Edge browser within Microsoft. Other options include Mozilla fire fox or google Chrome and Opera.

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