April 23, 2024

NASA's Mars 2020 mission: Stone-soaked rover

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission: Stone-soaked rover

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission has been halted after the rover was unable to process a problematic rock sample.

The basics in brief

  • The Persevering Mars rover recently found an unusual rock sample.
  • The vehicle then stopped running for several days before the ground crew gave further orders.

Day Mission March 2020 NASA device falter. The Mars Perseverance rover is used to sample rocks from the surface of Mars. A problematic core sample was taken from a stone on January 6th.

The tenacity sensors detected a higher than normal resistance when processing the sample. It also started earlier than expected. So-called “dropping drill bits,” as FutureZone wrote, cannot happen. The excavated sample cannot be transported to the processing device, the so-called “bit carousel”, inside the rover.

March 2020 achieves more

The ground crew waited about a week for further surveys databefore giving more commands to the rover. the data were necessary to Interpretation of information. The rover was stationary during this period.

Rover and plane Drone cleverness still More than 56 million km away. Thanks to them, researchers hope to discover evidence of past life.

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