December 4, 2023

My Technology Finder revolutionizes the search for the right technologies for daily care

Digital technologies can help people in need of care and their relatives live at home for longer. But: what technology is there? How does it help me and my relatives in daily life? How much does it cost to purchase? What financing options do I have? Where do I get technology?

The Department of Nursing of the Department of Science, Health and Nursing of the Senate in Berlin designed a solution that was implemented in cooperation with the state-funded Care 4.0 Competence Center. Until now, the murky care landscape has been a major obstacle for those affected. My Technology Finder aims to make finding digital support much easier in the future.

doctor. Inna Cibora, Berlin Senator for Science, Health and WelfareToday I launched “My Technology Finder” as the first official user at the Artificial Intelligence and Digitization Experience Center at the Technische Universität Berlin:

“Helping people in need of care and their caregivers is important to me. Digital technology offers great opportunities for relief and support. With “My Technology Finder” there is now a useful new offer for those affected and their relatives to find these solutions quickly and easily. This offer is based on participatory collaboration between science Research, care, affected people, the elderly and digital experts.

In three simple steps, people in need of care, relatives and the elderly can now also find technical assistance that suits their individual life situation. By linking with existing advisory structures such as care centers close to home in Berlin, “My Technology Finder” helps provide comprehensive support for a person’s life situation in old age and in care.

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My Technology Finder currently provides information about technology aids for two problems: falls and disorientation – such as in dementia. In the coming months, more problem areas will be identified and appropriate technical assistance will be added to My Technology Finder. This makes My Technology Finder an ever-growing system with many options to stay in a familiar living environment longer.

Link to “My Technology Finder”: On the website of the state-funded Berlin Center for Care Competences 4.0:

Media contact:
Sarah Oswald
Senate Press Spokesperson for the Department of Science, Health and Care
[email protected]