April 25, 2024

Murat Yakin smiling through a commercial

Murat Yakin smiling through a commercial

With coach Murat Yakin, the Swiss national team still has every chance of qualifying for the World Cup. Now the coach is also creating a good atmosphere next to the field.

Coach Nati Murat Yakin in a funny ad. – sigh

The basics in brief

  • Murat Yakin shows himself in bright colors for a commercial.
  • The national team coach also showed his sense of humor in front of the camera.

What a dream Murat Yakin started as a coach for a team Swiss national team! In four competitive matches, his team remained undefeated, even wrestling European Champion Italy 0-0 Turn off – and weaken the swing.

in games vs Northern Ireland (2-0) And Lithuania offers (4-0) Speakers can also trigger an attack.

reward: Swiss national team Creates a positive spirit of optimism. And he has the qualification for WM 2022 In Qatar they are still in their hands. Yakin will play the early group final on November 12 in Italy.

The fact that the mood in and around the national team is good also has to do with Murat Yakin. The 49-times National is cute, always in a good mood – and even laughs at media meetings. Now the 47-year-old is also drawing a smile into his private life.

Will Murat Yakin qualify for the World Cup with the national team?

In a commercial for an insurance company, the national team coach wears colorful clothes. Purple suit, with orange turtleneck sweater – with oversized sunglasses.

Despite several small accidents, his car remained intact in place. This suits the coach of the national team, who has not conceded so far with his team. Also from the side of the tie there will be no ruffles for the representative look. Murat Yakin agreed to shoot – and none of Nati’s patrons were upset.

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