June 14, 2024

Monica Bellucci: a role in Beetlejuice 2

Production on the upcoming project will begin shortly ahead of its September 2024 release date in the UK. However, plot details have yet to be revealed, as Monica is slated to play the wife of the Beetlejuice. The new project features a mix of original and new cast members, with Michael Keaton returning as the titular ghost and Winona Ryder taking on the role of Lydia Deetz. Actress Gina Ortega has been cast as Lydia’s daughter, while Justin Theroux will star in a previously unknown role. The original film was a commercial success and tells the story of a ghostly couple who hire a poltergeist and biological repellent called Beetlejuice to help them rid their home of its new living inhabitants. Composer Danny Elfman — who’s also teaming up again with longtime collaborator Burton on the Beetlejuice sequel — recently revealed that Michael “won’t look much different” in the lead role of exorcist Beetlejuice despite more than three decades since the original film passed. .

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