July 14, 2024

Meghan and Harry were first spotted on Queen’s Jubilee

Meghan and Harry were first spotted on Queen’s Jubilee

The Queen herself is present on her jubilee and does not need a power of attorney. Photo: Photo Alliance / PhotoShot

Trooping the Color is currently being held to mark the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Contrary to some assumptions, she was in a good mood on the balcony, but she was much less companionable than in previous years. Among other things, Meghan and Harry were missing out, and the first photo of them has now appeared on the show.

Meghan and Harry in conversation with Prince Edward

At the last major military parade in honor of the British Queen in 2019, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were still standing beside her on the huge balcony. But as they relinquish their royal duties and privileges and move to the United States, they no longer appear in official photos of the ceremonies.

Despite this, her grandson came along with his wife and participates in the show in secret. However, they did not remain completely undiscovered, like “daily Mail” show up.

The couple was photographed chatting with Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, the Queen’s cousin. He is one of the 17 family members who have been allowed to stand on the balcony again this year. The Queen recently decided that only “working royals”, i.e. those who take on public duties on behalf of the Queen, are allowed to do so. The only exception to this rule is Sir Timothy Lawrence, Princess Anne’s husband, as he often informally assists the Queen at events of all kinds.

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As security experts indaily MailMeghan and Harry may be staying at Frogmore Cottage during the bank holiday, but it’s only for two days of festivities that they are no longer entitled to police protection.