May 24, 2024

Mass begins on Sunday in Canada

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Biathlon: Janina Hettich-Wals is one of four German athletes in the mass start. © Alliance image / German Press Agency | Hendrik Schmidt

The 2023/24 Biathlon World Cup will end on Sunday. The block starts in Canmore, Canada and is the final races of the season. is in the live feed today.

Canmore – Long The winter biathlon ends on Sunday. The women's team will start running at 6:10 p.m., and the men will conclude the season at 10:20 p.m. is Today in the biathlon live stream Included.

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Before the race: Hello and welcome to today's live stream of the biathlon in Canmore. The final day of racing this season begins with the women's mass start.

Biathlon today in live: Initial report on the bloc starting in Canada

Three decisions will be made in the final races of the 2023/24 Biathlon World Cup. the The mass start classifications remain vacant for both gendersAs for women, it's also about the World Cup in general.

Biathlon today in live broadcast: Fituzzi is close, and Simon still has to fight

Italian women have it there Top picks Lisa FitozziTo win the big crystal ball for the first time in her career. After their victories in Sprint on Thursday Chasing on Sunday, the 29-year-old is now ahead of Norwegian Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold, who retained the yellow jersey until Saturday.

Fitozzi is in impressive form and leads by 61 points. Tandrevold also has major problems when shooting while standing. If the Italian delivers her usual performance, she will win the overall standings. The French women are in the mass starting standings Julia Simon has a 31-point lead over Swiss Lena Hakke-Gross And 43 ahead of her compatriot Lou Jeanmontot. Things can get interesting here.

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Biathlon in the live stream today: Eleven German athletes at the end of the season

A distance of 12.5 kilometers has been covered and there are four shots. 30 women are eligible to start. the Top 25 World Cup Finals players ranked. They are complemented by the five highest-scoring athletes at the current World Cup who are not in the top 25. Vanessa Voigt and Janina Hitesh-Wals qualified for the all-around finals, and Selina Grotyan and Sofia Schneider moved up the points list. Click here for the start menu

Men even have that Seven Germans made it to the mass start. Benedikt Doll, Johannes Kuhn, Philipp Neurath, Justus Strehlow and Philipp Horn have decided the overall standings. Danilo Riethmüller and Roman Reis finished it off List of points.

The Men's World Cup has been organized in general since then Chasers on Saturday Established. Johannes Thingnes Boe received the big crystal ball for the fifth time. in The Norwegian is only third in the mass start classification. His compatriots Johannes Del Skiddal and Vettel Sjastad Christiansen are just ahead of him. But with a win, Bo could one-up them. A distance of 15 kilometers will be covered, and the last race of the season will begin at 10:20 p.m. Click here for the start menu

The races at the World Cup in Canmore are Part of the official World Cup. The races will be held on the calendar for the 23/24 season. All results are included in the general classification for women and men. reports on all Biathlon World Cup races in the live feed.

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