March 3, 2024

Mark Meadows - US House of Representatives hands over Trump's chief justice

Mark Meadows – US House of Representatives hands over Trump’s chief justice


Mark Meadows is no longer cooperating with the investigation committee. For this he faces a fine or prison sentence.

In the United States, investigations into the storm of the Capitol Building on January 6 are currently making headlines. In the center is Mark Meadows, former US President Trump’s chief of staff. He refuses to testify before a commission of inquiry into what happened at the time. He also refuses to hand over any other documents that could show what happened at the White House on January 6.

Because of this position, the US House of Representatives decided that evening to refer Mark Meadows to the judiciary to charge him.

The promoter should influence Trump

A few weeks ago, Meadows indicated that he would be working with the investigative committee. As a result, he delivered about 9,000 documents, mostly emails and SMS messages. These show, among other things, that even Trump’s closest confidants begged the chief of staff on January 6 to influence the president.

Representative Liz Cheney told Congress that President Don Jr.’s son, for example, demanded that his father condemn this insanity immediately. “What’s going on there hurts us all – Trump is currently destroying his legacy,” wrote Fox News host Laura Ingraham and Trump’s close friend to Meadows.


After Trump supporters attacked the Capitol, the entire area was fenced off.


The inquiry would have liked to hear from Meadows, among other things, why Trump had not complied with requests from those close to him and had not stopped the Capitol rebels until that evening. But a good week ago, the former chief of staff abruptly refused any further cooperation — perhaps for fear of angering Trump.

He has now been taken to court for ignoring which Congress should try him. Mark Meadows faces up to a year in prison or a hefty fine.

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