Russian-Chinese video link – Putin demands binding NATO security guarantees – News

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese State and Party Chairman Xi Jinping have proposed holding a summit of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.
  • This is the general security situation in the world.
  • The summit should take place next year, as suggested by the two heads of state following a joint video link.

Via a video link on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping agreed to jointly deal with this initiative that Moscow had been pursuing for a long time. In addition to China and Russia, the United States, Britain and France are expected to participate in the summit.


The virtual meeting between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping is being broadcasted at a shopping mall in Beijing.


The Kremlin also said that China supports Russia in its NATO policy. Russia is demanding some kind of security guarantee from NATO.

Vladimir Putin also confirmed his plans to travel to Beijing in February to open the Winter Olympics and meet Xi Jinping for negotiations.

Russia wants to prevent NATO from expanding to the east

Putin also informed his Chinese colleagues of the video summit he held with US President Joe Biden in early December. Moscow’s demands for legally binding security guarantees were also discussed.

Specifically, the issue was that Russia wanted to prevent NATO from expanding to the east – and above all from accepting Ukraine into the military alliance. In addition, nuclear energy refuses to erect more military infrastructure and NATO weapons systems in front of its borders.

The proposals corresponding to the security guarantees demanded by Russia have been handed over to the United States, Yuri Ushakov, Putin’s foreign policy adviser from Interfax, said. Karen Dunfried, US foreign policy, visited the State Department in Moscow for talks.

NATO stressed that each country can decide for itself which alliance to join. Russia sees its national security as threatened by NATO and the USA if Ukraine is accepted and announced the consequences if the West does not take Moscow’s concerns seriously. Ushakov said that China supported the Russian line in switching the video.

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