February 23, 2024

Marius Bussemeyer in conversation with Axel Mayer and Michael Sommer-Cicero Science Podcast: “Right-wing populists benefit from negative framing”

Political scientist Marius Bussemeier is the author of Konstanz Inequality Survey And as an interdisciplinary scholar at the interface between political science, sociology and economics. In his research he studies the political causes and consequences of inequality and advises politicians, for example as a participant in a study committee for the Baden-Württemberg state parliament on the topic of crisis-resistant societies.

An inequality researcher, for example, studies how inequality among people affects political participation. In his studies, Bussemeyer shows that the subjectivity of perception is particularly important when it comes to political (electoral) decisions. Today's generally pessimistic assessments of the development of inequality tend to go hand in hand with greater support for right-wing populist parties, especially the AfD (but also for the Sahra-Wagenknecht coalition).

Axel Mayer, Michael Sommer and Marius Busemeyer (from left to right) / Photo Busemeyer Ines Janas

The conversation was recorded on January 9, 2024.

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