April 22, 2024

Macy’s 2020 Thanksgiving Parade: How to Watch Today in Every Time Zone

A Jennie-O turkey balloon will devour its way during the modified show.

Courtesy Massey

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Thanksgiving It will look different in many ways in 2020, and that includes the traditional Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. But the amazing holiday is going to happen, and it will still be broadcast live, so the home chefs can listen to it while they prepare. A socially distanced turkey dinner. The show will air on NBC from 9 AM to noon in all time zones. Here’s how to go and what to expect.

What has changed?

Macy’s partnered with New York City to try to make this year’s parade safe, without sacrificing the scenery.

“To avoid gathering large crowds of onlookers along our traditional 2.5-mile route in New York City, we cut short the road to focus only on the last section of our annual walk,” a company representative He said in a statement. “On Thanksgiving Day, we’ll be showing balloons, floats, and our special annual celebration displays and ushering in the arrival of Santa Claus, in front of the iconic Macy’s Store on 34th Street for our national TV show on NBC.”

In other words, don’t head to the store, New Yorkers. Stay home and watch balloons and floats on TV or online.

The company is also working to reduce the number of participants, testing them for COVID-19 and pre-registering shows that are usually live. Participants will wear masks and social distancing, student march teams will not join this year, and the annual balloon inflated celebration will not take place on the eve of Thanksgiving.

A selection of the iconic Giant Balloons will still be there, but instead of being transported by 80 to 100 human workers, they will be transported by special vehicles with fewer people.

Crop macys balloon monkey

The monkey worked in Messi’s parade.

Courtesy Massey

what are you looking for

Lots of pikachu

Everything Must Capture: Viewers will see a troupe of dancing pikachu and a mega pikachu balloon. There is a special reason for all craving Pikachu, however Pokemon a company Doesn’t say what it is Until the show starts. This is the 20 consecutive years The Pikachu Balloon will be part of the show.

Pikachu balloon

Pikachu will fly in the sky again this year.

Pokemon Corporation

The best of Broadway

Don’t throw off lead. There will be performances from the famous Hamilton cast, as well as other musicals, including Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and Times of The Temptations, Jagged Little Pill and Mean Girls. Radio City Rockitz will also perform.

Floating fencing movies

Lifelong vacation movies have many loyal fans, and this year for the first time, the network is participating in the show. Its buoyancy is like a charming little town square like that seen in many movies and features enough snow (fake, we think) to make 9,000 snowballs. Tory Kelly will perform on the float.

But maybe you prefer the holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel? This grid features a float designed to resemble a 3D countdown calendar for Christmas, with surprises behind each December date, a center fireplace, and a Pentatonix performance.

Meet the new president

Business-friendly Boss Baby from the 2010 book, 2017 movie, and 2018 Netflix series will bring his big head and serious demeanor to the show. It will be a new hot air balloon this year, as it spreads the early hype of the planned segment on the big screen for 2021 The Boss Baby: Family Business.

Tom & Jerry

A mix of live / animated Tom and Jerry movies is coming in 2021, assuming the pandemic permits. The iconic combat cat and mouse have a comic buoy on the show this year. In keeping with the duo’s comic history, their buoyancy is designed to look like it was in collision and features a hole where Tom puffs up. meow!

Tom and Jerry McKees crop

Tom Tom and Jerry seem to be planning something.

Courtesy Massey

How and when to watch

The show will air on NBC Thursday from 9 am to noon in all time zones.

You can also watch online. Sponsor Verizon will broadcast the scene live Twitter And the Youtube. The company encourages fans to tweet related family photos using the hashtags #VerizonLive and #MacysParade for a chance to be included in the live broadcast.

If you are watching on your mobile device, you can check Parade Portal for 360 degrees of view.

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