February 25, 2024

Luigi was really intended to be a playable character

We’re more than a quarter century under our belt and there are still one or two surprising details Super Mario 64 Comes to the light. A small video clip from the 90s is currently generating buzz, showing that not only Mario was planned as a playable character in the 3D console for the Nintendo 64, but also his brother Luigi. Maybe it was The game has a two-player mode As was the case with previous 2D platformers in the series.

Super Mario 64: Video footage from the 90s showing the two plumber brothers together

After a major data leak at Nintendo in the summer of 2020 showed a Luigi model seemingly built for Super Mario 64 along with unused enemies and levels, it was speculated that Mario’s brother was planned to be a playable character. In a short scene from a video that happened in the year 1995 at the Japan Video Game Expo registered had become animated comics and thus official content for Luigi can now be seen for the first time.

-Marionova (@Marionova64) December 15, 2023 Sure, the clip is less than two seconds long and the focus of the shot is on a different screen, but it’s still straight forward For nostalgics and Luigi fans Interesting insight into what they have planned to do with the game. In the video, the two plumber brothers can be seen at the same time, confirming the idea of ​​a multiplayer mode. The game’s environment – an empty room with a floor pattern like the in-game castle – feels more like a testing room than an actual level. The scene does not come from played content, but from a viewed video. However, it is interesting to see that there was a point where Luigi was actually who he was Planned and programmed character It was intentional, just as it was finally finalized in the DS implementation of the game. Perhaps we can expect a remake of the classic Super Mario 64 game with a full-fledged multiplayer mode in the future. You can see how the plumber brothers are performing in 2023 in our website Read our Super Mario Bros. review Wonder.

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