March 2, 2024

Questionable nominations take the awards ceremony to the point of absurdity

Nominations for this year Steam Awardsthe awards ceremony held by the game distribution platform Steam, in which the best and most innovative games of 2023 will be honored, has turned into absurdity due to the sometimes incomprehensible nominations of some games.

FC24 was nominated as Best Game

In the “Game of the Year” category, for example, are the role-playing games Baldur’s Gate 3 and Hogwarts Legacy, which were highly praised by players and the press, at the same time as the game Once Upon a Time. FC24’s year-long recurring football rework is called Breathe.

Source: Valve

But in other categories as well, players who were able to vote to pre-select titles must have had some fun in many cases. It may seem almost ridiculous that the space role-playing game Starfield would receive a nomination in the “Most Innovative Game Award” category. In gaming circles, the game is also referred to as “Space Fallout” or “No Man’s Skyrim” due to its monotonous and boring gameplay.

Most Innovative Game Award

Source: Valve

Valve itself writes of this category, “The experimental designers for this game belong to the creative vanguard,” which is highly questionable at least when it comes to Starfield. What’s supposed to be innovative about Skyrim in space and why players voted for it is certainly questionable.