December 4, 2023

Long Night of Sciences attracts 1,000 programmatic items

The program of the “11th Long Night of Science” on Saturday 21 October is comprehensive: the event offers more than 1,000 program items where those interested can learn more about research, training and science. According to the event agency, around 130 different locations are participating in Nuremberg, Erlangen and Fürth. The event is said to be one of the science festivals with the largest audience in Germany. BR Studio Franken also participates in many events.

Universities, companies, municipal institutions and museums

This year, about 350 partners from the fields of research, development and science are participating. They include, among others, the seven universities of the City Triangle with their different faculties, research companies such as Siemens, Schaeffler and, small start-ups and museums. The program includes lectures, guided tours, practical activities, performances and demonstrations. There are special children’s events in the afternoon for young researchers.

Browse the program online and plan your own tour

In terms of content, The Long Night of Science has a wide range of content. For example, it addresses various questions of the future in the areas of health, energy, transportation, artificial intelligence and robotics. A wide range of topics are offered, from waste management to archaeology, biology, design, cryptography, medicine, X-ray technology to materials technology and cell research.

In order to plan your own tour during Science Night and get an overview of the abundance of this evening, you can go to Science Night website is part of the program Search for keywords, places, tours or sciences and you’ll see events and a map with the corresponding places.

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To watch: The opening of the long science night at B.R. Franken’s studio