April 22, 2024

Live stream of the Yverdon-Sport match

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Thanks to a 2-0 win over Yverdon Sport, FC Basel returned to the top half of the table

Fabio Celestini's side are struggling to get three important points in the crucial match against table neighbors Yverdon Sport. What has been particularly talked about is Basel's young and successful midfield.

the game:

The fear that Basel would struggle against weaker teams with a deeper defensive line also became a reality after the start phase in Yverdon. With the exception of a half-chance from Anton Kade, Basel waited more than half an hour for an important scoring opportunity. Only Yverdon striker Farol Tasar's serious knee injury gave the 3,700 fans in attendance something to talk about.

After the 37th minute, Leon Avdolahu saw Schmid sneaking in behind the Yverdon defence. 20-year-old Avdolahu breaks the home team's defense with a brilliant pass and sends Schmid into the danger zone. The left-back's flat cross reached the returning Gabriel Sigua, who returns to the field for the first time in eleven weeks and is recovering from injury and scores immediately.

Towards the end of the first half, Yverdon Sport became more dangerous, and FC Basel survived the pressure phase from the home team and took the lead in the dressing room.

After the break, Rotblau took advantage of his chances. Thierno Barry angers Yverdon goalkeeper Paul Bernardoni from an offside position, which is why Anton Kade's supposed goal was rightly disallowed. Barry then appears in the opponent's penalty area every minute, but he does not want to score a goal at the moment. Even substitute Albian Ajeti creates a gap for Bernardoni, a long-awaited second goal for Basel.

In the 79th minute, Dario Del Fabbro was the last one to trip over the ball and pull the emergency brake on Barry. With one player less, the French-speaking Swiss are out of sorts against an attacking Basel side. After a perfect introduction from new signing Dion Kakori, Barry finally made the decision. With his fourth goal in the Premier League, the Frenchman has moved to top spot in the internal scoring charts and can now call himself Basel's most dangerous striker.

The best:

Leon Avdolahu is the starting point for both goals and pulls the strings in Basel's midfield. Shortly before the end, the local player hit the crossbar with a free kick. The 89 percent success rate is a testament to the 20-year-old midfielder's impressive overall outlook. Together with the starting eleven Dion Kakori, who, of course, makes the most passes of all the field players and collects the first scorer's point thanks to his assist to make the score 2-0, the midfield forms the basis for victory.

This was something to talk about:

With Benjamin Kololi (injured), Renato Vega, Tolant Xhaka (both suspended) and Yusuf Demir (not called up), four midfielders are missing from the squad for the match against Yverdon. Fabio Celestini gives his confidence to the youth: the average age of the Avdolahu-Segwa-Kakori midfield axis is 19.3 years.

This is what those concerned say:

Marwan Hitz:”We were superior most of the time and had better possession of the ball, and in the second half we had many opportunities that we should have exploited better. However, it was a well-deserved win, as we were the better team. After eleven days of matches, we got the win.” Only five points. We have to consider ourselves very lucky that we can look forward again in the current situation. We played with great confidence, but it was also a game in which we should have resolved many situations better. We want to build on the momentum after this away win We've started the season well now.



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