June 17, 2024

Live Data: Is Apple implementing in Maps

Live Data: Is Apple implementing in Maps

With iOS 6, Apple initially ditched Google Maps and brought its mapping solution to the iPhone – with an unsatisfactory success. The group stayed with it and gradually expanded Apple Maps to Google. Maybe a new job will be tested to go along with it.

POI with live data

There is new information in an updated section of the Site Services menu, and it is tangled in the privacy settings. Apple states that it will collect data from users when they are on a popular location or other “point of interest”:

Direction and Traffic: While you are on the move (for example on foot or by car), your car Iphone Regular GPS data, cruising speed and air pressure information in anonymous and encrypted form to Apple for expanding road traffic and aerial correction databases. When you open an app near a POI (like a business or park), the iPhone also sends location data to Apple anonymously and encrypted, which Apple may collect and use to notify users of the point. .

Description of the trial version

The method and wording suggests that Apple wants to offer real-time data similar to the same function in Google Maps so that it can display frequency in crowded places. Apple Maps does not currently offer such functionality, which is offered in a bar chart. Incidentally, data is only collected if the corresponding setting is activated under Routing and Traffic “under Location Services -> System Services.

IOS 14.5 might be scarce

However, it has to be said that Apple is currently still in the testing phase and it is not certain if this feature can actually be rolled out in iOS 14.5. It is also plausible that this will happen at a later time.

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What you can look forward to in iOS 14.5: unlocking iPhone with a mask (requires current Apple Watch with watchOS 7.4), improved transparency in app tracking, etc.Overall, iOS 14.5 will bring an amazing number of new features on in the past few years With the update to x.5, only minor fixes were delivered