June 24, 2024

SpaceX launches the Falcon 9 rocket that carries Starlink satellites

SpaceX launches the Falcon 9 rocket that carries Starlink satellites

SpaceX announced on Twitter that the Falcon 9 took off at around 6 a.m. from Launchpad 39 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The Mission’s first phase of support completed eight flights prior to this launch.

“The first stage of the Falcon 9 landed on the drone, of course.” SpaceX said: “I still love you to complete the ninth flight of this boost. chirp.
Falcon 9 is a two-stage missile with a height of 70 meters. This is evidenced by the information provided during the launch broadcast. It Described SpaceX described it as “the first orbital-class missile that can be re-ignited”

About an hour after launch, 60 Starlink satellites were deployed.

Starlink is a file Internet satellite konstellation It aims to cover the planet with high-speed broadband, and is often advertised as a way to provide connectivity to the billions of people who still do not have reliable internet access.

The idea would require swarms of satellites operating in low Earth orbit – about 340 miles high in the case of SpaceX – to provide continuous coverage.

One 1,000 Starlink satellites SpaceX publishes the Starlink version to more than 40,000 satellites. this is five times The total number of satellites launched by humans since the start of space travel.
SpaceX now has approximately. the third For all active satellites in space.

CNN’s Jackie Watts contributed to this report.