May 22, 2024

KSK with C-130J: Special Forces Command practices winter warfare

Temperatures below minus 30 degrees, snow, ice and forest as far as the eye can see. In addition, there is not a soul within a radius of 150 kilometers and there is no infrastructure. Uninvited Environment – Apart from Special Forces, those who practice reconnaissance, combat and survival in Arctic conditions and test new equipment. It took place in February 2024 with the participation of commandos and support forces of KSK, paratroopers (EGB) and air force transport aircraft groups.

© KSK/Bundeswehr

A C-130J Hercules brought the troops to their forward location.

From Canal to Canada

This is due to the creation of several Special Operations Land Task Forces (SOLTG) within NATO as part of a return to national and coalition security. Two of these task forces, provided by KSK, are now training with full troops: Air Transport Squadron 62 from Alert to Strategic Transfer with A400M at Calw and Tactical Air Transport from C-130J from 64e Escadre de Transport to a Canadian Air Force Base to a target area in no man's land.

© KSK/Bundeswehr

The Special Forces Command implemented operations under arctic conditions.

Self-sufficient activity in the Arctic region

“Here in the Arctic, we can only effectively operate with low visibility and high mobility. Self-sufficient operation with an order, skidoo, skis or snow boots, without permanent resupply, demonstrates our flexibility in carrying out the order. ,” Exercise Leader, Commander of Command Forces at KSK , emphasized the functional value of two task groups.

© KSK/Bundeswehr

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An Air Force C-130J takes off from a snowy runway for the first time.

Cooperation between Air Force and KSK

For Airmen, this training includes strategic and tactical airlift of supplies, personnel and vehicles, dropping of paratroopers and combat landing of special forces under adverse weather conditions. Another important step in the cooperation between the Air Force and the KSK, in which two firsts were celebrated: the first joint use of the German C-130J and the KSK in an exercise in this climate zone. And, as the KSK press staff officer's impressive pictures show, the Air Force's C-130J's first landing on a graded snow runway.

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