May 23, 2024

Kissinger tells Trump that Nixon's foreign policy is the same, as Biden warns of Iran

Kissinger tells Trump that Nixon’s foreign policy is the same, as Biden warns of Iran

A doctor. Henry KissingerFormer Secretary of State to both Presidents, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, semi-president Donald Trump Middle east Diplomatic achievements At Nixon’s opening to China in 1972. He also warned that the United States should continue Trump’s hard-line policy toward Iran.

I think one of the great achievements of the previous administration was that it reconciled and achieved two things in the Middle East. First, separating the Palestinian problem from all other problems so that it does not become a veto. “Everything – and second, the Sunni states are directed towards an actual or potential combination against the Shiite states. It is Iran.”

Kissinger, who spoke at the start of a series of foreign talks – the Nixon Seminars sponsored by the Nixon Foundation – described the Abraham agreements concluded by the Trump administration as a breakthrough in Arab-Israeli relations. The agreements established diplomatic relations between several Gulf states and Israel, as well as between Morocco and Sudan, and opened economic, social and cultural relations between the Arab world and the Jewish state. The relationship also strengthens the defense of the Gulf states and Israel against Iran.

Henry Kissinger ranks Trump’s Deal of the Century in the Middle East

“It was a great concept. We were in the beginning. It was like the beginning of the opening up of China. Its development is just beginning.”

Among those attending the seminar were former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, and other officials in the Trump administration. Also present were Wisconsin Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher and a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

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Pompeo compared President Trump’s approach to international affairs to that of President Nixon as someone willing to consider unconventional foreign policy approaches.

“This was a president who uniquely faced foreign policy issues,” he said of Trump. I wanted to make sure that the senior officials, or at least get them on the team, understood the environment in which we would be working in and how we could effectively implement President Trump’s foreign policy. So I definitely wanted to – while we know Washington is busy with a lot of people and a great deal of vanity. There were people willing to make sure that they worked as part of the team that President Trump wanted to implement in the foreign policy that he presented to the American people. ”

Kissinger said Trump’s progress with Israel and the Gulf states should not dampen US efforts to hold early talks with Iran. The Biden administration indirectly warned of this possibility, saying that the United States should not make any concessions to Tehran.

He warned, “We must not give up pressure on Iran so that we know where to go.” He added, “If we separate Iran’s law from the entire Middle East law, we risk losing the two accomplishments, which are the separation of the Palestinian cause that used its veto on everything else, and the Sunni cooperation with Israel, which is unique in its openness.” . ”

He warned, “Remember, you need to make peace with American diplomacy.” “That was our guiding principle at the time.”

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He also advised the US governments not to betray any ally.

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When we talk about Nixon, we developed a principle, and the rationale was that we would never sell to people who depend on America to stand up for their freedom. We will not sell them at the last minute. ”

He also said that Nixon’s legacy was his lasting influence on foreign policy.

Over time it will become clear to what extent the principle of geopolitical foreign policy has been incorporated into our government’s operations. This will be his great contribution, in addition to what he has done on the various specific issues he has covered. ”

The Nixon Seminars take place every first Tuesday of the month and are available at:, as part of the Richard M Nixon Foundation Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, California in

Ben Evansky contributed to this report