June 21, 2024

Showdown in Scotland |  Policy

Showdown in Scotland | Policy

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon attacks her predecessor and regrets that her government responded late to his scandals. Your election expectations for May are still hanging.

Scottish “First Minister” – Prime Minister – Nicola Sturgeon vigorously defended herself on Wednesday against the accusation that she lied to the Regional Parliament in Edinburgh. Before a commission of inquiry, the Scottish National Party leader apologized for her government’s failures and mistakes. However, she and her team did not have to harm her predecessor in the state and party office, Alex Salmond. It also did not violate the rules of ministers. The opposition announced a vote of no confidence in the sturgeon.

The committee is examining the problematic approach of sturgeon management in the disciplinary and criminal investigation of alleged sexual crimes allegedly committed by Salmond during his tenure through 2014.

The former Prime Minister filed a lawsuit against the disciplinary investigation in the country’s highest civil court and was also sentenced to court of law and £ 512,000 for damages from the state treasury. He was acquitted of all charges in criminal proceedings last March.

In his appearance before the commission of inquiry, the advocate for Scottish independence denounced the Sturgeon government last week. Aside from the prime minister, who did not want to ask for his resignation, he directed his displeasure primarily against the country’s highest official, Leslie Evans, and Attorney General James Wolf: “The leadership of Scotland has failed.” Their actions do not conform to “principles of openness, transparency and responsibility.”

Indeed, the government has refused to hand over important documents to the commission for several months. SNP chairperson Linda Fabiani was “totally disappointed” by this. It wasn’t until the beginning of the week that Parliament mandated publication of legal expertise from the time of civil action. It appears that prominent legal experts have warned for weeks that the proceedings will continue before the government finally gives in. Because the internal investigator had already discussed complaints with those affected previously – a rookie mistake, as in the book.

For Sturgeon, appearing nine weeks before the next regional election was a balancing act. She was skilled at determining the fate of these women who complained about Salmond. And unlike in criminal law, there is no doubt about the “extremely inappropriate behavior” of her former teacher. Sturgeon specifically indicated that her predecessor didn’t say a word about his misconduct during his six-hour testimony last Friday.

The Prime Minister placed disciplinary and criminal proceedings against Salmond in the context of the MeToo movement. The crimes of powerful men in culture, media and politics that became public through the Twitter campaign resulted in tighter regulations. But this was not “Lex Alex Salmond.” As early as the winter of 2017/18, she had a “persistent suspicion” that the allegations against her predecessor could emerge. However, she has openly distanced herself from the procedures.

This statement is in stark contrast to the statements made on Tuesday by two former senior figures in the Scottish National Party. They confirmed the acceptance of the director of Salmond’s office, after which the prime minister promised personal intervention. Additionally, Sturgeon’s office manager gave him the name of a complainant at the time.

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Because of this breach of trust and past inconsistencies in her statements to Parliament, conservative opposition leader Douglas Ross is now seeking a vote of no-confidence in Sturgeon. You “lied to parliament.” A SNP spokesman described Ross’s approach in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic as “totally irresponsible”.

The commission wants to present its report by the end of March, as well as an independent investigative lawyer. In opinion polls for elections at the beginning of May, the Scottish National Party is still in the lead, and an absolute majority of seats appear realistic. When it comes to the issue of independence, which has always been their top priority for both Salmond and Sturgeon, Schott: Inside was totally hesitant: 50:50. In the 2014 vote, she was 55:45 to stay in the UK.