Media report: Truss mostly wants to drop Northern Ireland protocol

Status: 10/05/2022 03:23 AM

According to a press report, British Foreign Secretary Truss wants to abandon most of the controversial Northern Ireland protocol on the island. This should eliminate unilateral controls on goods from Great Britain.

According to a press report, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss wants to remove large parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol in the dispute over Northern Ireland’s customs regulations.

The newspaper reported that Truss came to the conclusion that talks with the European Union had reached a dead end and that Maros Sefcovic, Vice President of the European Commission, had no mandate to reach an acceptable agreement.

The regulation aims to abolish controls unilaterally

The ministry has drafted a law that would unilaterally lift all controls on British goods. The report stated that a similar announcement is expected next week. “No decisions have been made on how to proceed, but the situation is now very serious,” a ministry spokesman told Reuters.

The protocol aims to ensure that EU rules are applied in Ireland without the need for strict border controls between the EU member and British Northern Ireland. As a result, controls on the movement of goods shifted to the maritime border between the British mainland and Northern Ireland.

Critics of Northern Ireland criticize this, and see the beginnings of separation from the kingdom. Then Great Britain demanded that the protocol signed in the context of Britain’s exit from the European Union be changed again. This has been the subject of negotiations between London and Brussels for months.

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