December 8, 2023

Kanada Merkez Bankası’nın notr faiz rışın ışınığınıyor Yazar | Editor Ambini Aishwarya

Yayın Tarihi 02.11.2023 10:15

Canada Merkez Bankası Baskanı Tiff Macklem expressed concern about the bank’s decision to keep interest rates unchanged during the annual review. Macklem, who spoke at the Senate economic committee meeting on Wednesday, said that economic growth is not accelerated, but the level of theoretical borrowing costs is not enough.

Macklem, the best piece of art, is vivid, populous and energetic, and the factual information can be used in many ways. Macklem, after policymakers’ annual review in Nisan, said Canada’s nominal neutral interest rate forecast is between %2 and %3.

The Bank of Canada may be viewing the current 5% interest rate, which has hit a 22-year record high, as less restrictive than previously assumed. You can see what you are looking for in Başkan Yardımcısı Paul Beaudry’s goal.

Maclem, ini orandaki bir artishene para politikacinin sikilisini artilmaskina yol asabileseki konusunda ayada pulanmustur. Bu durum can lead to unexpected inflation and increase interest rates to meet inflation targets. Mackedlem’s comments signal a potential shift in the Bank’s approach to politics that could have significant effects on the Canadian economy.

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