February 28, 2024

Johnson benefits from Stormer's "beergate" policy

Johnson benefits from Stormer’s “beergate” policy

One of the essential attributes of “Queen’s Speech” is that it is conducted by the Queen. With Regent’s speech, the new parliamentary term opened in London, and in fact such appointments are dramatically taking place in a country that loves this tradition. There is shouting and knocking, and then the people walk down the hall of Parliament, at one point the Queen sits on her throne in the House of Lords and reads her government’s plan.

It’s like that every year, and this Tuesday will be like that, even if the queen has no problem getting old. He is now 96 years old and in two weeks the country will celebrate his 70th birthday. So Buckingham Palace announced before the ceremony that this time, in consultation with his doctors, his son, Prince Charles, would represent the Queen. This is the third time since 1959 and 1963 that Elizabeth II has missed this important date. Boris Johnson was not born then.

This was decided only at the last moment, but the theoretical possibility of the Queen’s speech taking place without the Queen would generally be the main message in the Kingdom. But what is normal in a country where the media has grown furious at relentless corruption? “Beergate Day 12” ran on the front page of Monday Daily MailSuccess and madness have always been close.

“Beergate” follows Labor leader and opposition leader Khair Stormer, and will host a dinner in Durham on April 30, 2021. As the by-elections in the region approached, Stormer and his team met with local Labor MPs. The day was well organized, 80 minutes was planned for dinner in the evening, and there was curry from the order service. Photos show Stormer having a beer at the event, and the meal ended at ten o’clock at night. Exceptions were made to “work meetings” at the time, according to Govt rules, which is why Durham Police announced a few months ago that they would not take any action.

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The “beergate” around Labor leader Stormer applies to Johnson

But now, months after the “partygate”, Boris Johnson and more than 50 gang members on Downing Street have been fined by London police after Tory MP Richard Holden of the North West Durham wrote a letter. In it, he asked police to re-investigate Stormer. After all, I ate a lot, and contrary to what Stormer suggested, there was no other work after the meal, was there?

Holden presided over the letter Daily Mail Next, the paper that often and happily contributed to Tory campaigns. After daily headlines and more and more questions to local police, the pressure was so great that authorities announced they would re-investigate the matter. Since then, various Tory ministers have called for Stormer to resign immediately.

One downside to Stormer is how he approached the whole thing over a long period of time. He may have shown Curry Bill (£ 200) and his diary for the day, and effective transparency killed the stories. But Stormer said nothing, and when he responded, it was paradoxical. At an exclusively called press conference on Monday afternoon, Stormer said he would only resign if the police actually punished him. “Not all politicians are the same,” Stormer said, trying to distance himself as much as possible from Johnson.

The ratio between partygate and beergate has dropped slightly over the past few days. On the one hand, there are Johnson’s regular lockdown parties on Downing Street, which include the already imposed sentence, and on the other hand, there is Stormer’s Late Order Service Dinner and beer during the lengthy campaign meeting. For Khair Stormer, the former lawyer, insists on honesty and dignity, which does not make things better. The English did not want anything Gates Also, they want to know how to pay for rising energy bills.

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In last week’s local elections, Johnson’s party lost nearly 500 local council seats – a figure generally resulting in a no – confidence vote. With Labor voters questioning whether Stormer should resign if fined by the police (trend yes), Johnson is allowed to do his best: throw in the catchphrases.

Now in the Queen’s speech, which is being presented for the first time by Prince Charles, he wants the seven legal proposals to be announced. They aim to show that leaving the EU will give Great Britain a brighter future. It’s not clear what the proposals will look like, but it has a word for it: Johnson calls it the “Super Seven”.